Tourist Attractions

Here Are The Top Places To Visit In Tarkarli Devbagh

Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island in Maharashtra is located on Tarkarli River. Tourists & locals can enjoy adventure activities. This is the best place to visit in Monsoon. Tourists can enjoy various water sport out here, tourists can take part in scuba diving, paragliding, Jet-Ski, Banana boat ride, and many other activities to enjoy.

This island is one of the best and unique spot to visit in malvan. Tourist came here for in large number to enjoy their holidays. So whenever you are planning to come in malvan must visit this place.



Devbagh Beach

Devbagh is a best for beach lover. Sun, white sand, clearity of water, wide and endless beach attracts tourists. There is scuba diving, snorkelling, speed boat cruises, banana rides, Para-sailing and many other activities are available on the beach side.

This beach atmosphere is very beautiful ad breathable, eco-friendly, as well as decent.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is combination of beautiful and clear white sand, Greenery of the nature and lots of other attractive places like traditional markets, temples, forts in the nearby villages and city. Moreover features like snorkeling, dolphins and scuba diving have added to the popularity of the place.

the place is popular for the clean atmosphere and the various water sports available on the beach. The tall suru trees also add beauti in nature. you can also go on dolphin tours into the water. This beach also called as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg.

While taking a morning walk one can see a group of people pushing the boat into the sea to go for a fresh catch for the day. There were many small and medium sized boats on the beach.

The evening walk by the beach is also stress relieving. The night is especially spectacular if it is full moon the silver waves makes the experience totally mesmerizing.



Ganesh Temple

Jay Ganesha Temple The temple is built by Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar, The temple is also known for its golden idol of lord Ganesha, Located in Medha. this temple is of Lord Ganesha. this temple atmosphere is very comfortable and soothing. temple have 8 lord Ganesha idols are carved in the ceiling of the temple. so whenever you are planning to come in malvan you must visit this temple.

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort, is situated in the Malvan, this is famous tourist attraction. this fort is inside the Arabian ocean. The fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1664. Construction started on 25 November 1664. and it over a period of three years (1664-1667), the Sindhudurg fort is spread over 48 acres, and walls are 30 feet (9.1 m) high and 12 feet (3.7 m) thick. Sindhudurga fort is very much popular fort to visit. there are so many things to watch in that fort there are different temples inside this fort. the fort is inside the ocean but you can find sweet water weel inside the fort. from fort you can find the best view of the arebian sea.



Rock Garden

If we talk about Malvan, the first thing came to mind is Rock garden. Rock garden is one of the best travel point to visit.

Rock Garden is combination of natural rock and man maid garden with the fairy tell view of the sea. wide ocean, with the orange touch of the sun light; including clouds and the greenery of the nature with all colors of the flowers etc this is all in one place to visit. Rock garden is perfect place to entertainment also for kids there are so many kids activities are available. so this place is one of the best place to visit whenever you come to malvan.

Chivala Beach

Chivala beach is located in malvan. This is one of the best place to visit in Malvan. There is a wide beach and coconut trees surrounded this beach . Chivala beach have so many water sports activities are available like Scuba diving, Snore skilling , and other activities. So whenever you planning to malvan must visit chivala beach for fun and enjoyment.



Dodamarg : Tillari Dam

Tilari Dam is situated in Dodamarg, and its constructed on Tilari River as the result of a joint project by the Maharashtra and Goa governments. The water from this dam is distributed to both the states. The dam is near the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Presently, the dam water meets the drinking water.


Moti Talav & Hiranyakeshi are main Attractions of Sawantwadi to see. and Also Amboli hill station is at distance of 29 km, from main area of sawantwadi. Sawantwadi is famous for its arts and culture. Especially known for its wooden crafts, and various traditional arts and also wooden toys etc.

Lacquerware – Sawantwadi is well known for its lacquerware, this art form was brought to the attention the public by Queen Satwasheela Devi. local employees produced lacquer-ware like furniture, chess sets, board games, candlesticks, fruits, vegetables, and dolls.




Devgad is famous for its world famous Alphonso Mango, and kunkeshwar temple of lord Shiva.

This town is situated on the shore of Arabian Sea. There is a temple for the lord Shiva in the town. This temple is very popular temple in Konkan, also known as Konkan Kashi. The Name of kunkeshwar comes from Temple Kuneshwar it means "God Shiva" in marathi language.Kunkeshwar is built along the sea. Kunkeshwar produces Alphonso mangoes.

People from all over maharashtra visit this temple of Lord Shiva on Festival Of Mahashivaratri, in February month of each year and it celebrate three days.


Vijaydurg fort is oldest fort in Sindhudurg-maharashtra, which is situated in Vijaydurga, this fort is one of the best fort you can visit in vijaydurga. this fort was very old fort it was constructed during the regime of Raja Bhoja II of the Shilahar dynasty the construction period of this wa s1193-1205 and restructured by Shivaji Maharaj this fort is situated in viijaydurga,

The area of thiis fort is 17 acres and its surrounded with the Arabian Sea on three sides of the fort.

In 1653 Shivaji Maharaj had renamed it as "VijayDurg". The original name was "Gheria." Vijaydurg comes from two words, "Vijay" meaning Victory and "Durg" meaning Fort.



Bhogave Beach

Bhogwe beach is amongst the prettiest and most secluded beaches in Konkan. Bhogave beach is endowed with foamy waves and silver sand. This beach enjoys yet another magnetic characteristic, that is being a habitation of dolphins.

The birdwatchers enjoy the birds playing, dancing, eating on this beach. The beach is clean, neat and tidy. Photographers will enjoy visiting the beach since the view is spectacular. The place is perfect to visit with family and friends.

Nivati Beach

Nivati Beach is situated in Vengurla , Maharashtra. The beach is a treat to eyes where white sand stretched the mark along the Arabian Sea. The beach is popular with fishing activities and one can see many fishermen sail their boat deep for fishing.

One can see dolphin playing in the midst of the sea. The pleasant noise of the waves striking rocks, the cool breeze and that charming scenario of the beach is certainly one’s piece of sight to relax and enjoy with the tune of nature.